Sperm embryo fetus infant
And in that instant
I realize that something’s different
I breathe it in but
Choke and spit out
The gasp of air
That we do share
It’s still different for me
While you debate on
This glass half empty
I throw this glass on the floor
And the beautiful pattern
Do you see?
The fragments of this world
That you’re trying to put together
They can’t be.

I’m just trying to weather
This pressure of normalcy
But it’s not working out
For me
This debris
Is of something
That once was human
It died consuming
Thanks to Darwin
We have evolved
Into fledgling
With mouths wide open
Prison walls for hearts

Fingers words thoughts
Made of needles
You keep sewing
Things that aren’t torn
Don’t you ever get careworn
oh wait! You’ve stitched a frown
Like a forever crown.
I’m weary on my skin
I’ve tried too long to
Fit in
Your music is my din
To the cacophony
Of nails and the classroom board
And I’m bored

I’m an outsider forced
Into this world
A sewing machine will
do for my skin
I’ll be careful
Not to rip that fabric apart
But you will need an anvil
for my heart.

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