Let Me

1-P9slkBRJihg6bo2E5Jn8RwLet the ruins reveal,
what beauty couldn’t.
Let me know about
the universe within
these cracks

These cracks
that the world has
declared a singularity.
This black hole
from which there is
no coming back

Let me make
this one way trip
and see the enigma
Let me break the wheel

this aversion to scars
beautiful things that they are.
Plain skin is boring
Worse than that
A plain soul

I will place you on
the needle of
a gramophone
and see what music
your scars make.

Let me open your
wounds and unravel
so I take caution
and give you a
blood bound promise.

To wound you in a
Much different way.

Let me vocalize
the apology I’ll make
following my attacks
Let me voice it now.

Let me arm you in turn
and tell you ways to hurt me
and show you the place
my shield doesn’t reach.

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