I hate anomalies
I hate the butterflies
on concrete trees
I hate that amidst
the engine heat there is
sometimes, a cool breeze.

I hate the lonely tree
on the river of tar
and right next to the kitten
a puppy in the dump-yard.

The canal of cars,
and the smog that it leaves,
I hate the sigh of relief
my city breathes
in form of a flock of birds
released from the smog.
I hate it when the moonlight
shines brighter than the streetlight.

I hate anomalies
It bothers me to see
a jigsaw piece forced
in the wrong place.

like a smile
on a sad man’s face.


thy love

it is both,
the calm of the setting sun,
rage of several fires,
sweet ring of springs,
thunderous gush of rivers.
A force that beckons us,
onto a forward march,
into this brick kiln
and then it tears me apart,
a pull that pushes down,
a push that pulls upwards,
it is my kingly crown,
this song I’ve never heard.