Short Story 2 :The Deal

Thank You Ramta Jogi!

ramta jogi

Sometimes fate and happiness come together, holding hands. The decision of which one to go for , is on you.

On the same lines comes the second short story : The Deal written by a writer Anant Pillai.

Hope you like it.

It was a cold day on 23rd of December 2015. The atmosphere and the song coupled with the view outside his room filled a sense of euphoria and languish in him. Karthik feigned playing the guitar for the entire length of the song. He looked at the mountains visible from his windows and pretended they were his audience and that whatever he played would echo back to him like how sometimes people at concerts do. When Coldplay’s “fix you” was over, the next song that started playing was Carlos Santana’s “Europa”. Halfway through this song whatever euphoria was left had vanished. Karthik almost fell out of his window…

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Whims and worth

Then I wandered looking,
for unattainable wealth.
After losing everything,
I drank to my health.
Then I wandered,
To capture sun, to trap rain,
To control wind as it passes
my filthy stinking mane.
And I want to make music,
with the sound of thunder.
I want to silence storms,
and for the tides to surrender.
And I want the wild fire,
to burn my carcass.
May be I’ll just bury it and
feed it to the trees around us.
And then let me see,
what fruit they bear.
Do they taste just as sweet
fed off the skin I wear?