In that one furtive glance,
You and I gaze at once.
A possibility of this,
unearthly chance,
Hoping the end of this
gaze never comes,

The randomness of it all,
The ethereal nature of this joy
The maddening, hypnotizing,
Oceanic gaze, resonating a call,
The magnetic pull of them
Devilish eyes, sultry and sly.

Finally I fall on my knees,
I muster all the control that I can.
Her moving is a gust of wind,
So strong, it uproots trees!
And she beckons a prayer
from this flagrant ungodly man.



Someday these words’d be but ash,
The papers may burn
My screams will not,
Fate you ruthless despot,
You have nothing to break me with,
I already have the cracks on me
And choose to let them be.
From you I take this bequest,
Till my last dejected breath is gone.
I shall laugh as I leave this body,
And laugh at you still,
If I keep breathing on!