I am not the wounds,
left by shallow words unkind.
I am that survivor
those shadows left behind.

I cannot be a sum of,
those irrelevant prophecies.
The only purpose of moon and stars,
to reveal the night’s fallacies.

To lay a path for the stranded,
to give way for the brush strokes,
to have their own image branded,
on a poet’s canvas: words flow.

I am the sum of ,
smiling faces and morning dew,
of happy songs you sing along,
and of sunset’s orange hue.

I take the long road home,
I revel in the city’s view,
Bask in the glorious sun,
and dance in the rainfall too.



If you’ve seen the impact,
of the shattering of crystal;
How easy it is to extract,
the life out of a beetle;

If you’ve seen the bubbles,
in the calm confines of bath,
where you forget your troubles,
of your godforsaken path;

How fragile the bubbles burst,
how quick the turns of fate,
begs to ask, how quick,
your promise can disintegrate.

If you’ve seen the time,
it takes a shooting star,
to pass before your eye,
that quick, it falls apart!