If love was the fuel, If it ran my world..

Oh how I would run, how you’d gallop paces,

The miles we’d churn.

If love was the fuel.. These ideals wouldn’t be blaspheming.

Those, which say,

I shouldn’t feel you burn in my heart,

The way you brand your image in it,

Pour it on me and light me up,

Why only my heart, burn me.

If Love was the fuel.. I wouldn’t worry about dying,

Won’t worry about the forest fire,

That controls me from growing wild,

I will descent into madness.

Let me be… for this is how I am.

Alas! It’s not the the fuel!

It’s not the elixir, which grants me life,

It destroys the who I thought I am,

Shows me who I really am.

It was like a prison that was built,

To lock our true self,

Lets for once, Burn these cells.

Lets not worry about the wreckage,

Lets destroy everything,

And find each other.


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